Great offer for New Members while stocks last!

A Great Offer to Joining Members for a Limited Period!

We like to think that we are giving value for money with the services we offer our members but right now we have something rather special on.   We have some Hi Viz vests, printed with the GWOA logo, so no-one can possibly get it conventiently mixed up with their tatty, dirty, grease smeared, Hi Viz vest.   In XL sizing with a velcro fastening, they are big enough to go over your winter coat when you help some mere mortal out of his or her predicament on a cold, wet, dark, winters night.   To get one of these almost unique pieces of designer apparel all you have to do is join the GWOA using this link.   Soon.   These vests are going to be the fashion statement of Winter 2014/15, and are sure to be in high demand.   Eventually.    You can only get one by joining the GWOA.   For your joining fee you will get:

        access to members areas of the forum and website and the club magazine archive.

        regular newsletters.

        technical advice and help from qualified technicians on request.

        invitations to club meetings and events.

        local area representatives anxious to chat.

        a club shop with mugs, clothing, mudflaps, hats and other items at special members prices.

        a joining pack full of all sorts of useful information & GWOA goodies to spice up your G.

        the knowledge that your membership fee is helping to fund this website and forum.

        Can't wait?   Then join now and get your dayglo masterpiece!   


        We have some saved especially for you!          

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Re: Great offer for New Members while stocks last!

Thanks for my nice Hi Viz Vest. Very useful for when I next break down smiley

(Actually, I never have!)

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Re: Great offer for New Members while stocks last!