G400 Brabus 'Chipping' D8 Kit

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This will probably only be of interest if you have a G400 cdi with a Brabus D8 unit

I have had to by-pass the Brabus D8 kit fitted to my G400, because of a suspected intermittent fault that I cannot attribute to anything else. However, to do this, it was necessary to first work out its wiring connections. Having done that, I have posted the document here, in case it may be of use to someone, since the information was not on the WWW.

Interestingly, the D8 unit monitors a number of signals to the car's ECU, but it only modifies one of them. It works by 'fooling' the ECU into thinking the Common Rail pressure is lower than it really is. Hence, the pressure control value is commanded to give a higher pressure. This results in more Diesel being injected and more power.


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