Lack of Power

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Dear All,

I've just returned to the UK after four months working away, my 1999 G 500 has only been used once during that time, I've just started it and taken it for a drive to brush off the cob webs, theres a distinct lack of power as you pull away and also no real aceleration, any ideas what it may be as when i last drove it was fine..







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Re: Lack of Power

Sounds like dreaded Limp mode.

But you would have a check engine light (CEL) on your dash.  Last time it happened to me it was squirrel/rodents had chewed through some wiring!

Get an OBD reader and something like Torgue Pro mobile App and see what that tells you is stored in the ECU. Or better, take it to a MB Indie with STAR to get the more detailed and MB-specific readings.

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Re: Lack of Power

Just a thought, but does it roll OK?  Or are brakes sticking?

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Re: Lack of Power

Hi Freddie

Hope your well!

Do a quick reset take the lead off the battery for 20 secs see if that works!

check the battery too - is it old?

Check hand brake cables/brakes as they might be clinging on somewhere.

Maybe you could try fuel cleaner too

Or take her out for a long run?