Parts for 460

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Been without a G for a while now but recently had the opportunity to buy a 280 GE from a family friend, LWB 1986.

The car has been on Jersey for its 35 years so never had an MOT, no surprise that it failed but happily nothing too serious.

Looking for advice on sourcing parts, are they still/only avaliable from the dealer or are there any specialists? Couldn't find anything after a quick search online, haven't called a dealer yet.

Parts needed for MOT: drag link end ball joints and rear suspension arm (trailing arm)

Will also need a few trim parts particularly the rubber window seal that fits on the outside of the door.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance





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Re: Parts for 460

Welcome back to the G world!

I would get those parts straight from MB.  There are breakers and 2nd hand dealers, but those drag links are not so much (150 or so) and not worth second hand.

You can try to get 'owners club' discount from MB, or at least classic car discount (to keep older MBs on the roads) - might be worth 10%.

Other parts are variously available from members who have some, and G specialists that have stock.  Worth asking here, and there are other online sources (FB etc).  Several of the other online sources are multi-national though, which I find is not great for parts.