2019 G-Class. Like?

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I wouldn't say no to any G but not sure I am liking the new 2019 model yet?  How about you?

It reminds me of a Russian 4x4.  I was thinking a Lada but I think this Uaz Hunter is more the look.

Obviously the motor and quality is a different thing altogether, but it does look like MG/Graz looked at every feature and said make it look different but keep it the same.  I suppose that is what a re-style is.

The front and lights now make it look like a poodle.  And yet everything is in the same place and looks almost the same, but rounded.

I guess it will grow on me.


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Re: 2019 G-Class. Like?

Chance of me ever owning one is very remote, but if I do, think steering would be a revelation 

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Re: 2019 G-Class. Like?

yes, sometimes these things grow on you but I have my doubts.  The extra 10cm in width neither improve the look nor the functionality.  For me the attraction of the old model was that you could buy a classic car in as new condition with bluetooth and proper headlights.