G560 conversion ***DONE**

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Hello everybody,


The conversion is done for the 91 GE300 with an engine from 88 560sec.

The car came out great, it runs and drives like a rocket. Very strong.
The only issue I have is "gearing". It has a 4 speed auto transmission which revs very high on highway speeds.
The car runs at 4000rpm at 60 mph.

Do you know how can I fix this issue? Some says to change the prop shaft but others says it cannot be fixed without changing the ratios inside the differential?

Your feedback is appreciated.

Thank you and kind regards,


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Re: G560 conversion ***DONE**

Changing prop. shafts will not do anything to speed.

The only way to sort this is by changing the front and rear differential ratios - very expensive!

Is the gearbox you have fitted from the same donor vehicle or have you matched up to a different model?


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Re: G560 conversion ***DONE**

You can swap the transfer box to one with a 0.8:1 High ratio. Bigger tyres and new gearbox. New diff gears.

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Re: G560 conversion ***DONE**

That seems high, even with the 300e engine it's around 3500 rpm at 70 ?